From this morning

Snow flutters like glitter in the wind, so pretty in the rising sun. I see this through my kitchen window, and my mind wanders.

A new year is here. Time to review and renew, embrace, and embark. A new list of intentions, not resolutions, because these are a way of living, goals set into motion to promote well-being and life itself:

Everything I do needs to be from my heart. Feel passionate about things and go ahead, even if it is out on a limb, out of the comfort zone. Be true to myself and my spirit without regret or fear.

Keep looking outside of the box and try new things, experience new friendships, and be happy every day. Take chances.

Give of myself every day with kindness, help, generosity, and love.

Keep my inner core strong and calm, yet embrace and release any emotion with complete abandon to cleanse my spirit and move forward. Live in the moment. Always forgive.

I can feel my heart beating quickly. It is a glorious day outside despite the howling wind.

I take a deep breath of the energizing life force and enjoy each day as a gift. May I expand my awareness so that nothing escapes my attention. Amen.

~ SMF ~