From this morning

Snow flutters like glitter in the wind, so pretty in the rising sun. I see this through the kitchen window as hands busy in the sink; eyes captivated, my mind drifts then directs.

A New Year is here. Time to review and renew, embrace and embark. A fresh list of agreements assemble. All for daily livelihood, goals to thrive and sponsor my well-being:

Everything I do needs to ascend from my heart. Feel passionate and proceed, beyond the familiar, out on that limb. Harness the fear and reach eagerly for the fruit. Be true to myself and spirit without regret. 

Keep peering outside of the box to notice new things to test and taste, friendships to form. Venture further. Hug happiness in blessed surprise. 

Share some of me with kindness, sustenance, generosity, and love. Enjoy each day as a Gift. 

Keep the Inner Core strong and still; endure and release emotion with complete abandon to cleanse Spirit and move along. Live in this precious moment.

Always forgive, especially myself and the Ghosts.

My heart beats quicker. The glory outside exhilarated by the sudden wind resolves the promise. 

I inhale deeply, mindful with energized force and grace. May I expand my awareness so that nothing, absolutely nothing, escapes my attention. Amen.

~ SMF ~